Have been thinking recently: I'm not sure I have the time or the motivation to promote tagtriples as a structured-metadata interchange format (and therefore a competitor to RDF). And I don't think this is what the world wants anyway - AFAICS, all the buzz at the moment seems to be centred around vertical formats rather than horizontal.

So am wondering - would things be better served by concentrating less on tagtriples-the-format, and more on the aggregation 'product'?

E.g. The main reason that tagtriples works well at work is the ease of importing data from other sources. This is a pain-in-the-arse in RDF (you need to understand, invent and promote a long-lived URI scheme beside the original data source). With tagtriples the simple 'symbols and triples' model has a natural fit with relational data, xml, RSS, LDAP etc.. etc. It ought to be possible to build turn-key import functionality for these services.

So am thinking: maybe I should be positioning the software as a 'universal data aggregator'?